How we work

How we work

Educational principles and emphasis

One of our goals is it to give to each child the possibility of developing its potential fully – intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally, regardless of gender, national or ethnical origin or existing abilities. We act according to the following educational principles:

  • Multiculturalism and multilingualism are not seen as an exception or disadvantage, but are embraced as an enrichment for the entire group. The day care/kindergarten uses the linguistic and cultural background of the families as resources in its aim to promote intercultural understanding.
  • A positive multiculturalism can only develop where differences can be embraced and different, even contradictory ways of life are accepted. Baobab aims to encourage the discovery of similarities as well as differences in an unjudgemental setting.
    We reject any form of discrimination.
  • In the day care/kindergarten each child is treated as an individual. We avoid stereotyping and generalisation as these often promote prejudice.
    The day care/kindergarten is endeavors to promote the understanding of a wide range of religions and beliefs. Religious celebrations of different faiths are integrated into the everyday life of the day care/kindergarten.
  • All activities are offered in both German and English. Further languages, which the children learn in their families, are promoted by songs, media, discussion etc.
Educational partnership – parents’ cooperative

The basis for well running day care/kindergarten is a close cross-linking and co-operation of team and parents. This happens in the following way:

  • Executive board and team are in constant exchange.
  • Parents evenings take place at least every three months. Here all resulting topics and work are discussed and coordinated.
  • All parents are expected to be active in the day-to-day running of the day care/kindergarten. For example: weekly shopping, laundry service or helping out in the day care/kindergarten when a team member is sick, on holiday or on a training course.
Opening times

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 8:00-16:45
Tuesday and Friday: 8:00-15:45
On every Wednesday the children visit the physical education course of KISS at TSV Ost München (not during the holidays).

Closing times
  • 1 week at Easter
  • 3 weeks in the summer holidays
  • 2 over Christmas and New Year

Current fees can be downloaded here: Baobab fees.pdf